IGT TOSCANA 2015 | ALC. 13%

Exposure and implantation: the grapes from which “Poetico” is made can profit of the various microclimates of our estate, with exposures ranging from East to South-East, on hilly soils. Grapes: Vermentino, Malvasia and Petit Manseng are blended to create a dry white wine that is unique and original in its kind. Pruning and maturation: between 25% and 30% of the vineyards destined to the production of “Poetico” undergoes a delicate summer pruning during the veraison period.

Vinification techniques: the Vermentino and Malvasia grapes are picked in the second ten days of September while Petit Manseng is a later variety and ends its maturation cycle in early October. The whole bunches of white grapes are moved to a closed inert (thanks to nitrogen) press, protecting the atmosphere with which the grapes are in contact from undesired oxidations. At the end of the soft pressing, the free run must undergoes a short static cold decantation and completes the alcoholic fermentation in steel tanks at 14-16°C. After the alcoholic fermentation ends, for 5-6 months the wine undergoes periodical and regular “batonnages”, which contribute to its correct refining and aromatic evolution. Bottling takes place in the spring after the harvest.

Refining: The refining of “Poetico” includes the use of steel tanks with no malolactic fermentation, so as to preserve the freshness of the grapes and their aromatic integrity. The wine undergoes a short stabilisation phase in steel tanks before being bottled and continuing its life in the bottle.

Longevity: “Poetico” starts to express its greatest potential a few months after its bottling. A great complexity can be perceived on the nose and on the palate as this wine is the result of a blend of grape varieties that complete each other, resulting in a wine with a remarkable ageing potential. Sensorial characteristics: yellow with green highlights; very intense notes recalling the Mediterranean scrubland, citrus fruits, elderberry flowers, as well as smoky and mineral notes after the bottle refining. Rich and lively palate, dry, sapid and refreshing taste. A very seductive wine, with a sleek and enwrapping body, very easy to drink.

Food pairing: Sardinian style seafood, crustaceans prepared in all sorts of ways and rich and tasty fish can all be perfectly paired with this wine from the Mediterranean sea, to be served in large tulip glasses at 12-14°C.